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Sample ImageJaney DeMeo is a Christ-follower, inspirational speaker, author, freelance writer, pastor’s wife, mother and founding director of Orphans First, a non-profit ministry to suffering children in the world: www.orphansfirst.org. She received her M.A. from Luther Rice University, is British, speaks fluent French and “poco Italiano.”





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Books by Janey L. DeMeo

Heaven Help Me Raise These Children!—Biblical Direction for Practical Parenting Issues

Read the amazing endorsements for this book.. This biblical parenting book provides 22 chapters to read as well as a workbook section, making it a perfect parenting handbook. The biblical and practical comment, spiced up with humorous and tender anecdots, can help parents become the best ever. It shows how to go beyond methods, which often lead to frustration and guilt when we don't manage to follow them correctly, and shows how to grab onto God’s mercy and grace and let Him parent through you. You'll be happy you read this book. And so will your children and grandchildren.

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Parenting book in French -- Mon Dieu, ces enfants! (Editions Vida).

Il n'est pas de tâche plus sacrée que celle d'élever des enfants pour Christ. La véritable éducation spirituelle ne peut être donnée qu'au travers de la vie de Christ qui habite en nous et qui en jaillit. Ce livre nous enseigne les principes de la Parole de Dieu ainsi que le secret pour déclencher sa puissance, afin de les mettre en pratique. Voilà qui nous transporte au delà des méthodes, dans une miséricorde sans limite. Grâce à cette approche libératrice de nos responsabilités, nous saurons armer nos enfants pour l'eternité. Product number (Code de l'article): 578


Compilations books (Janey wrote a short story, a chapter, called The Night Shadow).

Read Janey's story, The Night Shadow, in this compilation book called Life Savors for Women published by Tyndale. The true story of a little lost dog lost shows how a heart of compassion can lead us into the kind of prayer that changes lives.

Twelve of Janey's devotionals appear in Cup of Comfort Women of the Bible Devotional published by Adams Media.

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Teens Can Bounce Back – Stories for the Waves of Life (compiled by Diana L. James, Horizon Books), includes “Two Teen Stories from France” written by Janey (page 193).

Families Can Bounce Back – Stories for the Bumps and Twists of Life (compiled by Diana L. James, Horizon Books), includes a short parenting story, “The Very Treasure” written by Janey (page 57).

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Treasures of a Woman’s Heart – A Daybook of Stories and Inspiration (edited by Lynn D. Morrissey, Starburst Publishers). Janey’s story contribution is called “Discover the Treasure of Parenting” (page 34).

Sexually Exploited Children – Working to Protect and Heal
(edited by Phyllis Kilbourn & Marjoire McDermid, MARC publications). Janey wrote chapter 12 of this book entitled, “Involving Families and the Church in the Healing Process” (page 170).

When God Steps In – Every Day Stories of Grace – Septebmer 2007:



]Presently Out of Print

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Women (& Men) In Dark Glasses (or “Nos Lunettes Noires” in French) is a booklet on perspective. Have you ever wondered why we all see things differently? 1 Corinthians 13 teaches that we see through a glass darkly. The Song of Solomon outlines how we can enarge our vision as we grown in Christ. Seeing from a heavenly perspective delivers us from subjectivity, judging, and comparison. Grow in God’s Word to develop a clear vision and soar above the limitations of looking through dark glasses.

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Two booklets that work together:

The Adorning of the King’s Bride & Tears That Touch Heaven.

Based on Esther, using many other Scriptural illustrations, these booklets show the purpose of suffering and how God uses it to train His children to reign with Him. Suffering works in compassion which changes the way we pray. We find it easier – natural even – to intercede for others with tears! These kind of tears empower prayer.

These two booklets above combine in a French version entitled “La Couronne de Compassion.” This book has been used greatly in France and French-speaking Africa to help people understand the eternal value of suffering.

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