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Sample ImageJaney DeMeo is a Christ-follower, inspirational speaker, author, freelance writer, pastor’s wife, mother and founding director of Orphans First, a non-profit ministry to suffering children in the world: www.orphansfirst.org. She received her M.A. from Luther Rice University, is British, speaks fluent French and “poco Italiano.”





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Janey’s DeMeos Credentials


The following list provides an overview of Janey’s credentials and achievements.


Janey received her Master of Arts in Missions from Luther Rice University

She has a Teaching Diploma from Olford Ministries

She has also attended Write-to-Publish writer’s conference numerous times and received the Writer of the Year award in 1998.

She has also attended and taught at Colorado Christian Writer’s Conference.

She is a member of The Writer’s View and Christian Writer’s Group International.


*Janey is the founder and director of Orphans First – a non-profit organization helping suffering children all over the world.

*She is also the founder and president of “Sauver les Enfants”, the French counterpart of Orphans First.

*She founded and runs the Orphans First Prayer Chain sending prayer requests to hundreds of subscribers.

*She created her own curriculum for Bible College courses and Sunday School classes she has taught.

*She taught handicapped children, and worked with—and encouraged others to work with—children at risk in various countries.

*She has initiated programs for local churches to help children at risk, including prayer vigils.

*She worked alongside her husband and the US Congress on religious liberty issues.


*Janey serves as an advisory board member for:

Beyond Borders ITV & IllumAlliance.

National Effective Parenting Initiative (NEPI).

Embraced by Grace Adoption Agency.


Janey taught diverse biblical courses at these institutes:

*20 years at the Theological Institute in France (founded by Louis DeMeo)

*2 years at Calvary Chapel Bible College.

*A workshop class at the Colorado Christian Writer's Conference.

Women’s Groups and Seminars where Janey has spoken:

Overseas Speaking Locations:

*Numerous women’s groups including in the following countries: France, Italy, England, Switzerland, India, Holland, Romania, Hungary, Ghana, Togo, Gabon, Central Africa, Canada, USA.

*At the Theological Seminary at Libreville, Gabon, Africa, and for their Women’s Group.

USA Speaking Locations:

*Living Grace Ministries Women’s Seminar, Tacoma, WA.

*Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa women’s group.

*Calvary Chapel Barstow Women’s Retreat.

*Calvary Chapel Temecula Valley women’s group.

*Embraced by Grace Adoption Awareness Seminar, Daytona Beach, FL.

*Messiah’s Christian Fellowship women’s group, Las Vagas

*North Coast Calvary Chapel young married group

*Growing in Grace Church women’s group.

*Grace Gospel Church women’s group, St. Pete, FL.

*Calvary Chapel Bible College small women’s Bible Study.


Link to Key Speaking Topics.

Janey has been a guest on several TV and Radio Shows including:

*Duffy & Company.

*Tommy Bertoli’s Biblical Perspective Radio Broadcast.

*Restore Radio.

*TBN TV network, New York.

*J-Light radio, New England.

Janey taught Children and Teens at:

*Various overseas Sunday schools (especially in France).

*And in the USA at: Aletheia Church, Temecula, CA.

*Teen camps in France (Montpellier, Nîmes, Biarriz, Grenoble).

*Riverbend Church, Ormond Beach, FL Teen group.

*Complementary home-schooling course for her two children in France in: Philosophy, Art, & English.


*God’s Complete Woman,

*Women in Leadership,

*Sound Doctrine for Women,

*Women of the Bible,

*Christian Education & Parenting,

*Compassion Missions,

*Song of Solomon,

*Proverbs 31,





Janey is the author of several books including:

*Heaven Help Me Raise These Children!Biblical Direction for Practical Parenting Issues - a 22 book & workbook combined. One of the finest parenting books you'll ever find.

*Mon Dieu, ces enfants! (Editions Vida) - a biblical parenting book in French; almost everything you'll ever need to know about parenting in a way that honors God.


*Women (& Men) In Dark Glasses.

*Nos Lunettes Noires (French version).

*The Adorning of the King’s Bride + Tears That Touch Heaven (2 in one).

*La Couronne de Compassion (French version).

Compilation books featuring Janey's stories or articles include:

*Teens Can Bounce Back – Stories for the Waves of Life.

*Families Can Bounce Back – Stories for the Bumps and Twists of Life.

*Treasures of a Woman’s Heart – A Daybook of Stories and Inspiration.

*Sexually Exploited Children – Working to Protect and Heal.

*When God Steps In – Every Day Stories of Grace.

*Life Savors.


For details, see BOOKS.


Janey’s writing on diverse topics has appeared in many Christian USA publications including:

*Discipleship Journal,

*Focus-on-the-Family magazine,

*Brio and Brio Plus,


*Single Parent (FOTF),

*Indeed (Walk-Thru-The-Bible),

*Youth Walk (Walk-Thru-The-Bible),


*Sports Spectrum,

*Assist News,

* Good News, Etc.

*Manna Good News,

*World Christian,


…and in several European publications including:

*l’Avènement (a French-Swiss news magazine.)

*Donna di Donna (Italian),

*Concepts pour Femmes (French),

*l’Amandier (Swiss),

*Good Seed magazine (England).

*Janey’s writing has also appeared in a Korean publication.

*She has also been published in a teen handbook,

*and a local Fredericksburg newspaper.

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