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Sample ImageJaney DeMeo is a Christ-follower, inspirational speaker, author, freelance writer, pastor’s wife, mother and founding director of Orphans First, a non-profit ministry to suffering children in the world: www.orphansfirst.org. She received her M.A. from Luther Rice University, is British, speaks fluent French and “poco Italiano.”





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Writing Endorsements
“So often we think we have answers—perhaps even biblical ones—but God may see things very differently. If we think we know something, we know nothing yet as we ought (1 Corinthians 8:2). God still has much to teach us. We must be humble, willing to learn and ready to listen, for if we feel we lack what it takes to be a good parent, our God is waiting to teach us. He is also waiting to surprise us and show us treasures in parenting that we never dreamed possible. Treasures from his very heart.”

  What the Reviewers are saying about Heaven Help Me Raise These Children!

“In her book Heaven Help Me Raise These Children!, Janey L. DeMeo candidly shares her own experience as a mother. Aware of the insidious, satanic force at work within our world, she recognizes the need for divine help to instill biblical values and principles in the training of children. This divine philosophy in child rearing is what Janey DeMeo’s book is all about. I warmly commend it to fathers and mothers and, indeed, to all who care about children. God richly bless its message and ministry.”
—Dr. Stephen F. Olford
Stephen Olford Center for Biblical Preaching, Author

"Janey DeMeo brings to 'child rearing'a unique background—having lived in various cultures. Furthermore, her own experience growing up in a godless environment gives her unusual insights into a world that is bent on destroying our children. This is a book that also exposes her own struggles as a parent-an approach that will encourage you with its honesty and vulnerability. I recommend it."
—Dr. Gene A. Getz, President, Center for Church Renewal, Pastor Emeritus, Fellowship Bible Church North, Plano, TX

"Janey DeMeo's parenting book, Heaven Help Me Raise These Children is laced with humor, life stories, and rich biblical content. The book offers practical answers to help parents raise godly children. Parents will be encouraged to learn that while we may sometimes fail, God never fails us. He's there to help us when we look to Him."
—Susan Titus Osborn, Director of the Christian Communicator Manuscript Critique Service, author of 28 books

"Janey DeMeo is an author with the love and compassion for all children of the world. She spends much of her time in intercession for God's Jewels. This book, Heaven Help Me Raise These Children! is more than a "how to" book; it interweaves the work of the Holy Spirit in the parents as well as the child. God bless my friend, Janey, for such insight."
—Dr. Ron Long, International Missions, Luther Rice Seminary

"Janey DeMeo's book stands out as a vital source for parents because of its insights into God's grace, spiritual warfare and the importance of creatively teaching our children God's Word. Parents will truly appreciate the tender and practical advice on how to make God's Word a very real anchor in the lives of children. It is to be highly recommended."
—Dr. Marie Chapian, Author and Speaker

"Janey DeMeo's book sparkles with golden nuggets that will encourage parents and prospective parents in the awesome responsibilities of child-training. Her expressions are in concert with the text book on the subject, the Holy Bible. Her thoughts are rooted in the heart of God. In a room filled with books written on modern day child-training, Janey DeMeo's book would stand tall and shine for Jesus."
—Dr. Dick Thomassian, Author, Evangelist and Missions Pastor

"Janey DeMeo's book is a valuable, God-inspired resource for this era when intense spiritual warfare confronts our children. Recognizing that God has entrusted parents to lay a spiritual foundation for their children, the author provides biblical insights and strategies to equip them for battle wielding such weapons as prayer, instruction and godly role modeling. I highly recommend Heaven Help Me Raise These Children as an effective guide to assist parents in co-laboring with God to raise spiritually strong children living in today's socially toxic environment."
—Dr. Phyllis Kilbourn, Founding director of Rainbows of Hope, author