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Sample ImageJaney DeMeo is a Christ-follower, inspirational speaker, author, freelance writer, pastor’s wife, mother and founding director of Orphans First, a non-profit ministry to suffering children in the world: www.orphansfirst.org. She received her M.A. from Luther Rice University, is British, speaks fluent French and “poco Italiano.”





About Janey
Speaking Endorsements


“One thing I know about Janey DeMeo is her heart. You can't go wrong with her on your program.” 

--Jerry B. Jenkins, Novelist, www.ChristianWritersGuild.com

www.Jenkins-Entertainment.com / www.JerryJenkins.com

“Janey DeMeo is a passionate and powerful speaker.”

--Cecil Murphey, co-author of 90 Minutes in Heaven, Heaven is Real and more than 100 other books, www.cecilmuirphey.com

“Janey writes and speaks with a passion that touches the hearts of her readers and listeners and moves them to action. God is using her to make a difference.”

--Marlene Bagnull, Litt.D., Director, Colorado and Greater Philadelphia Christian Writers Conference, www.writehisanswer.com

“Janey DeMeo has a huge heart for God and a passion to obey Him that comes across clearly in her writing and speaking.”

--Lin Johnson, Director of Write-to-Publish, Managing Editor of Advanced Christian Writer, Christian Communicator, and Church Libraries,

Adjunct professor at Taylor University (Fort Wayne), www.writetopublish.com

“As a speaker for our women’s group, and a guest on my radio show, “A Biblical Perspective for Truth,” Janey DeMeo provides excellent insight into biblical truth with a passion.”

—Thomas Bertoli, Senior Pastor of Messiah's Christian Fellowship, Las Vagas, NV,


“Janey DeMeo communicates in a simple heartfelt manner, simple truths that address life's most complex issues. Her passion for the defenseless orphan as well as the diversity of human suffering finds its way from her heart to her listeners. Janey has lived her message for over 30 years. Her writing and speaking will stir your heart.”

—Timothy Kelley, Executive Pastor, Crosspointe Church, Tampa, FL

“Janey DeMeo is a dynamic speaker with genuine passion for people. She speaks from vast experience and deep compassion…I was touched by her speaking ability both at our Adoption Awareness Seminar and at our Church and Youth Group. Janey makes the Bible applicable, practical and real for teens.”

--Pepper Wooten, Pastor's wife, Riverbend Community Church, Ormond Beach, FL,


"Janey has been guest speaker for our women's seminars. She has a firm grasp of the Scriptures and a unique ability to expound on them in very practical terms.  She has an endearing sense of humor, and I appreciate her as a friend”.  

--Dawn Bussey, Administrative Assistant, Living Grace Ministries, Tacoma, WA

“Janey is a mature writer who makes it clear and practical. Her material is excellent and can be trusted for biblical accuracy and reliability.

“As well as a good writer, Janey is also an excellent speaker that keeps it moving, keeps it real, and can relate to all generations. And an added bonus, she has a tremendous singing voice to complement her speaking gift. She is, in a word, a great blessing.”

--Pastor Gary H. Nelson, Calvary Chapel Temecula Valley, Temecula, CA,


“Knowing Janey DeMeo and her work with Orphans First is one of my greatest privileges. If ever there is an example of, "Whatever you do for the least of these you do for Jesus," it's this ministry.”

--Bill Myers, Author/Producer, California, http://www.billmyers.com/

“Janey has been guest speaker at our women's conferences several times. Her precise execution to deliver the Word of God has been very beneficial and her compassion has brought many women to the Lord...”

--Barbara Roth, Secretary/Treasurer, Assistant in Women's Ministry, Growing in Grace Church, Las Vegas, NV

“Janey DeMeo is a passionate and spirit-filled speaker and advocate for children in need. It has been a privilege to work with her and to be inspired by her testimonies of the transforming power of Jesus...”

—Lynette Boggs, Restore Ministries, www.RestoreTV.com

“Janey DeMeo is a compelling communicator who touches the hearts of her audience.”

Susan Titus Osborn, director, Christian Communicator Manuscript Critique Service


"Janey blessed the ladies at the study she did for Messiah's Christian Fellowship. Her compassion truly shines on her face and radiates through her heart. She inspired us. . ."

—Pam Parker, Assistant women’s leader, Messiah’s Christian Fellowship, Las Vagas, NV

“Janey DeMeo is an accomplished writer and speaker. Her books and articles provide excellent insightful observations and practical advice peppered with candid personal stories that touch the heart. Over the 28 years I’ve known Janey, I’ve heard her speak in Canada, France, Holland and in the U.S.—both in large conference settings and in more intimate groups. Her Christ-centered message offers wisdom, compassion, and hope.”

—Monique Ruvido, Chapel Hill, NC, former missions team member with the DeMeos in France & Canada, former pastor’s wife in Naples, Italy, and Rockland, ME

"Louis & Janey DeMeo spoke for the young married couples. Their practical advice and biblical insight encouraged and inspired many…"

—Brian & Julie Dixon, leaders of Young Married group, North Coast Calvary Chapel,


“Janey DeMeo was my teacher at Calvary Chapel Bible College. Her teaching is biblical and eye-opening. She shares compassionately from the heart and her teaching has encouraged me.”

—Talia Seymour, Las Vagas, NV, (Calvary Chapel Green Valley),


“Janey DeMeo is a gifted communicator whose passion is contagious. As one of Janey’s students at the Calvary Chapel Bible College, I enjoyed the scriptural accuracy in her teaching as well as in her book, Heaven Help Me Raise These Children!” Her messages are also practical, motivating her audience to go live what they learn.”

--Liz Oppenheim, Mother of 5 (1 international adoption India), Temecula, CA,


“Heaven Help Me Raise These Children! is a refreshing and solid workbook which uses the Bible for a guide. Wonderful for any parent looking for a helping hand."

--Paula J. Miller, children's author and homeschooling mother of 4,


“Janey DeMeo lead and taught in our Sunday School at Aletheia Community Church where I watched her interact with our children, teaching the Word of God in love and also in action. Janey’s love for the Lord and concern for children is not limited to those in her immediate circle, but extends to the entire world. She lives what she preaches, giving freely in obedience to the Lord. I support her in all the Lord leads her to do. She is a blessing to those around her and I am thankful to have been one of them.”

--Cynthia Lafler, Aletheia Community Church, Children’s Ministry Coordinator, Temecula, CA, http://aletheiachristian.net/_wsn/page7.html

“Janey DeMeo is a soft touch. Not for those who will not help themselves, but for those who cannot help themselves. Her words—especially her writing—reveal her heart.”

--Patricia Durgin, Founder/Director RELATIONSHIP RES-Q Ellijay, Georgia


In English: “I had the privilege to hear and translate Janey DeMeo's teachings in France, in Holland as well as in the U.S.A.  I was always fascinated by her easiness to communicate wether orally or by writing and it was a privilege to be part of their team in France as a missionary from 1984 to 1986.”

—Solange Goyette, Massage Therapist, former mission team member in France with the DeMeos, Montréal, Canada


In French: “J'ai eu le privilège d'entendre et aussi de traduire les enseignements de Janey DeMeo en France, en Hollande ainsi qu'aux États-Unis. J'ai toujours été fascinée par sa facilité à communiquer autant oralement que par écrit. Ce fût pour moi un privilège de travailler avec elle et son mari en France comme missionnaire de1984 à 1986.”

—Solange Goyette, Massothérapeute, post-missionnaire en France avec les DeMeo, Montréal, Canada






“Janey DeMeo is an outstanding Bible teacher. Her teaching is biblically sound, gracious and loving. We loved having her speak to the women in The Netherlands. Her books have also been an inspiration to the women here.”

--Maureen van Leuven, Senior-pastor’s wife of 23 years in The Netherlands (The Hague)


English Translation: “For 15 years, I had the privilege of attending Bible courses taught by Janey DeMeo (parenting, life within marriage, and so many others). These course – so practical – taught me to evolve, to accept myself, to grow. Today I can help other women by my experiences. Thank you Janey.”

--Cathy Ménégoli, Pastor’s wife, Menton, France & Italy (on French-Italian border)

Original French: “J"ai eu le privilège d'assister pendant 15 ans.aux cours bibliques de Janey DeMéo (éducation des enfants, la femme dans le mariage et tant d'autres)

Ces cours si pratiques m'ont appris à évoluer, à m'accepter, à grandir.

Aujourd'hui je peux aider les autres femmes dans mes expériences, merci Janey.”

--Cathy Ménégoli, Femme du Pasteur, Menton, France (frontière italienne)


In English: "I've known Janey since our Bible School days together back in the 70's.  The Lord has given her such a precious gift as a Bible teacher.  Her life is a revelation of the treasures hidden in the Word of God - her teaching shares them with us." 

—Alison Bariteau, Pastor's wife, Uzès Evangelical Church, France

In French: "Je connais Janey depuis les années '70 lorsque nous avons fait l'Ecole Biblique ensemble.  Le Seigneur lui a accordé un don très précieux en temps qu'enseignante de la Bible.  La vie de Janey est une manifestation des trésors qui sont cachés dans la Parole de Dieu et son enseignement nous les transmet.”

--Alison Bariteau, femme du pasteur, Uzès Evangelical Church, France


In English: "Janey’s teaching opens your heart so you can’t be indifferent; she speaks from Christ’s heart. You come away changed, more conscious and overwhelmed by the need of the little ones cherished by God."

—Sébastien Abitane, theological student, ITM, Montpellier, France

In French: "Les enseignements de Janey ouvrent le coeur et ne peuvent laisser indifférent, car c'est du coeur de Jésus-Christ qu'ils sortent. On n'en ressort pas le même, plus conscients et bouleversés du besoin des ces plus petits que Dieu chérit tellement."

—Sébastien Abitane, étudiant à l'Institut Théologique et Missionnaire, Montpellier, France


In English: “In her teaching and writing, I appreciate Janey DeMeo’s meekness, transparence and humility. Her words of life, always true to Scripture, forged in me a true, biblical foundation and unshakeable convictions—in the domain of parenting and my role as a woman and wife. Her teachings profoundly impacted my thoughts and practices. To me, Janey is a great example of someone who loves, fears and honors our Lord. Her books are the imprints of a heart of compassion and of exceptional prayer!”

--Béatrice Mégret, Pastor’s wife, EEG, Montpellier, France

In French: "J'ai apprécier, dans l'enseignement de Janey DeMéo comme dans ses écrits, une grande douceur, une transparence et une humilité qui lui sont caractéristiques. Ses paroles de vie, toujours fidèles aux Ecritures, ont forgé en moi un véritable fondement biblique fait de convictions inébranlables, tant dans le domaine de l'éducation des enfants de celui des rôles de femme et d'épouse. Ses enseignements ont eu un impact profond dans ma pensée et ma pratique. Janey demeure à mes yeux un grand exemple d'amour, de crainte et d'honneur envers notre Seigneur. Ses livres sont empreints d'un coeur de compassion et d'un esprit de prière exceptionnel!"

--Béatrice Mégret, Femme du pasteur, EEG, Montpellier, France


In English: "For me, as for many woman here in France, Janey DeMeo, is someone passionate about God’s Word. She heard God’s call to surrender her gifts of teaching and writing to His cause. More than just a speaker and writer, Janey is a woman of prayer who weeps when God weeps. . ."

--Sévérine Cavallaro, Teacher & Physical Therapist, Montpellier, France

In French: "Pour moi et pour de nombreuses femmes ici en France, Janey DeMeo est une passionnée de la Parole de Dieu qui a su entendre l'appel de Dieu et mettre à Son service ses talents d'enseignante et d'écrivain. En plus d'une oratrice et écrivain, Janey est une femme de prière qui pleure lorsque Dieu pleure. . ."

--Sévérine Cavallaro, Enseignante et Kinésithérapeute, Montpellier, France


In English: “Janey DeMeo’s writings and teaching are of unusual richness. The spiritual truths and practical lessons they impart gave me a foundation in Christ and His Word. Her teaching on parenting is pertinent and especially accessible. Above all, what makes Janey special is her life, her action, her heart for the children and the entire world.”

--Laeticia Pepe, former student of Janey DeMeo, secretary of ITM/EEG, Montpellier, France

In French: “Les écrits et les enseignements de Janey DeMéo sont d'une rare richesse. Les vérités spirituelles et les leçons pratiques qui en découlent ont favorisé mon fondement en Christ et en Sa Parole. Son enseignement sur l'éducation des enfants est très pertinent et surtout accessible ! Ce qui la rend unique à mes yeux c'est avant tout sa vie, son action, son coeur pour les enfants du monde entier.”

--Laeticia Pepe, étudiante des cours de Janey DeMeo, secretaire ITM/EEG, Montpellier, France


In English: “For years I heard - and saw - what precise teaching of the Word could accomplish. Janey DeMeo’s teaching taught me how to see a God so personal, so gentle and truly intimate. Janey thanks for your teaching but especially for youe example day after day in showing how it’s possible to know God personally.”

--Delphine DaCosta, graduate & former student of Janey DeMeo, Uchaud, France

Original French: “Durant des années j'ai entendu mais surtout j'ai vu ce qu'une aproche

précise de la Parole pouvait faire dans une vie qui se laisse enseigner.

Les enseignements de Janey DeMeo furent pour moi une façon de voir une

facette de Dieu si personnelle, si douce et réellement intime.

Janey, merci pour tes enseignements, mais surtout l'exemple de ta vie, qui

jour après jour, nous montrait de façon significative qu'il est possible de

rencontrer Dieu de façon personnelle.”

--Delphine DaCosta, diplomée ITM, ( étudiante des Janey DeMeo), Uchaud, France


In English: “I received so much from Janey’s teaching over 14 years, not only during all those years but also today in my life as a woman and in every circumstance. Thank you so much Janey.”

—Isabelle Tenière, widow & mother of 2 boys, Niort, France

In French: “Les enseignements de Janey au cours de ces 14 ans m'ont beaucoup apportés, durant toutes ces années et encore aujourd'hui dans ma vie de femme de tous instants. Merci à toi Janey.”

—Isabelle Tenière, veuve et maman de 2 garçons, Niort, France




“When I heard Janey speak for the little children here in India (3rd World country) my heart leaped out of its place and I cried that whole night…God put it in my heart to have Janey's heart for little children who need love.

I have also read Janey’s book Heaven Help Me Raise These Children. It”s an awesome book on how we have to have an understanding from God's point of love to train them in His ways.”

--Threasa Paul, Berean Bible Church, Delhi, India, www.bereanbiblechurch.in


“Janey, your teaching on Isaiah 30:15-18 relieves us a lot because many of us need to return to God and find His rest. All of us women are really blessed by your teaching and look forward to seeing you again with another teaching of such. We have gained a lot of strength to go through trials and to return to God no matter what. And your books are fantastic and spot on! Thanks a lot for them.”

--Lena Alawobu, pastor’s wife, women’s fellowship leader, Mazon Grace Church, Tema, Ghana, (West Africa)


In English: “We have been particularly blessed by Janey DeMeo’s teachings for our women’s courses, and by her books, Mon Dieu...Ces enfants! and La Couronne de Compassion, to name just a few. As a pastor, I highly recommend both the teaching and writing of this woman of God.”

—Pastor Jean Sylvestre & Anne-Marie NKOGO NGUEMA, Founder of l'Eglise Evangélique de la Grâce de Libreville and the Theological & Missions Institute de Libreville, Gabon, (Africa), http://www.lagracedugabon.populus.ch

In French: “Nous avons été particulièrement bénis par les enseignements de Janey DéMéo aux cours des femmes ainsi que par ses livres Mon Dieu...Ces enfants! et La Couronne de Compassion, pour ne citer que ceux-là. En tant que pasteur, nous reconmmandons vivement l’enseignement et les écrits de cette femme de Dieu.”

—Pasteur Jean Sylvestre & Anne-Marie NKOGO NGUEMA, Fondateur de l'Eglise Evangélique de la Grâce de Libreville et de l'Institut Théologique & Missionnaire de Libreville, Gabon, (Afrique), http://www.lagracedugabon.populus.ch


In English: “I was very touched by Janey DeMeo’s teachings on intercession resulting from a heart of compassion wrought by the very hand of God through different temporal suffering down here. It encourages me to persevere at the feet of the King and let Him form me.”

—Rose-Marie Mba-Ezome, Eglise Evangélique de la Grâce de Libreville, Gabon, (Africa)

In French: “J'ai été très touchée par les enseignements de Janey DeMeo sur la prière d'intercession résultant d'un coeur de compassion tissé de la main de Dieu Lui-même, à travers les différents épreuves temporelles ici-bas. C'est un encouragement pour moi à persévérer aux pieds du Roi pour le laisser me façonner.”

—Rose-Marie Mba-Ezome, Eglise Evangélique de la Grâce de Libreville, Gabon, (Afrique)